About Us

MODOYE is the number one technological and educational provider network in the World.

Our mission is to help the influential and aspirational to make astute decisions to get ahead.

MODOYE International ensures no matter where you are you can keep up to date with the latest breaking technological and cyber security news.

We provide you with the perfect 24-hour global technological briefing. our fast-paced, hard-hitting technology coverage makes Us essential viewing for any senior technician leader.

In addition to our YouTube channel, available on YouTube, MODOYE is also available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. MODOYE.com is the greatest technological news source on the web, featuring a unique number of videos, web-exclusive videos, and analytical technological tools.

Modoye Mission

To produce efficient professionals in the field of engineering & technology through a sustainable system of quality education and technical awareness development in an environment for learning and moral grooming.

Modoye strategy

Our strategy is to provide informational environments, News, technology awareness, and solutions that utilize resources effectively and efficiently while striving to realize our vision.

We apply innovation and technology to improve the sustainable performance of information technology, services, solutions, and operations. We believe that sustainable development, as reflected in the principles of sustainable development, is achieved by developing better systems that maximize life-cycle benefits while minimizing economic, social, and environmental costs of ownership.

We will execute the strategy by working towards ambitious sustainable development goals.