Cybersquatting Unveiled: Understanding Its Operations and Legal Status

What is Cybersquatting? How does it work? (Why It is illegal)

What is cybersquatting? A cybersquat is an unethical practice committed by some corporations or individuals to benefit from another company’s credibility. Domain names that use or closely resemble trademarked or registered names of existing businesses are registered, sold, or used. These domain names are often sold by cybersquatters to companies with legitimate connections at a … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning: Types and Examples Explained

machine learning

What is Machine learning? The field of machine learning is an exciting branch of Artificial Intelligence, and we are surrounded by it every day. The power of machine learning is being harnessed in new ways, such as Facebook recommending articles in your feed. Computer programs can automatically perform tasks via predictions and detections thanks to this … Read more

Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning: What’s the Difference

Machine learning vs Artificial intelligence vs Deep learning

Artificial intelligence There are three terms often used interchangeably to describe intelligent software: artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning. The key distinctions between them, however, should be understood. A deep learning system, a machine learning system, and artificial intelligence can be compared to a collection of Russian dolls nested within one another starting … Read more