Understand the Cybersecurity Color Wheel: A Comprehensive Guide

The jargon of cybersecurity is certainly colorful. There are red and blue teams, gray and white ethical hackers, and black and white ethical hackers. As a result of these colors, terms associated with them can be effectively distinguished and described. Did you guess it? There are more colors to choose from. The cybersecurity color wheel: have you heard of it? What is the meaning of the colors in it?

How does the cybersecurity color wheel work?

A cybersecurity color wheel represents different aspects of cybersecurity by using a multicolored circle. A primary color, a secondary color, and a white color are all present. Yellow, blue, and red are the primary colors. Purple, orange, and green are secondary colors, which combine those primary colors. A cybersecurity color wheel consists of seven colors. Different colors represent different cybersecurity teams, and each team has different jobs and career paths.

Developed by April C Wright in 2017, the Cyber Security Color Wheel shows the different aspects of cyber security. As a way to shed more light on the different areas in cybersecurity, I wrote a paper on the color wheel. Prior to now, cybersecurity teams were only known as red and blue. However, the security field has expanded far beyond these teams.

How Does a Red Team Work in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity’s red team is on offense. “Breakers” are what they are called. To discover potential vulnerabilities and risks, these cybersecurity professionals break into a system or network. By simulating real-world attacks, they analyze an organization’s system for vulnerabilities before any real hackers find them. Defense teams are then tasked with patching these vulnerabilities.

  Security professionals who work on offensive security teams often include ethical hackers and penetration testers, as well as threat intelligence analysts and vulnerability researchers. In order to find vulnerabilities and weak spots, they use social engineering, reverse engineering, and active directory exploits, in addition to vulnerability scans and other hacking methods.

How does the blue team in cyber security work?

There is a complete difference between the blue and red teams. Defense is the responsibility of the blue team. Their responsibility is to protect the organization’s assets from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

Responses from the Blue Team are used to develop patches for vulnerabilities discovered by the Red Team. Cyber attacks are handled by the blue team, which responds and mitigates them. Continually improving the enterprise’s defenses by analyzing the security situation. Systems are secured, networks are configured, logs are read, and incidents are managed by Blue Team members. Analysts from the Security Operations Center (SOC), incident responders, and risk assessment analysts make up the blue team.

How does the yellow team in cybersecurity work?

Yellow can be described as the “Builders” team on the Cyber Security Color Wheel. In order to hack or defend any system, a red or blue team must first be formed. System, network, application, and website security is provided by the Yellow Team of professionals.

System administrators, security engineers, and security testers make up the yellow team. As part of the yellow team, software developers are also responsible for building secure systems and making changes based on instructions.

Secondary Colors in Cybersecurity

In order to create a secondary color, two primary colors must be mixed together. Three primary colors are combined to form the green, orange, and red teams.

How Does a Purple Team Work in Cybersecurity?

Purple teams combine offensive and defensive cybersecurity professionals, an amalgamation of red and blue teams that carry out their responsibilities together. Purple teams perform both processes simultaneously, rather than the red team performing an attack and sending a report to the blue team for patching or fixing. Cybersecurity becomes more efficient and time-effective this way.

How does the green team in cyber security work?

It is in the middle of the yellow and blue teams. Building and defending are bridged by them. DevSecOps engineers make up the majority of the green team. During the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), they make sure that applications are deployed and integrated securely.

How does the Orange team in cybersecurity work?

Orange team was formed to bridge the gap between red and yellow teams. Education and facilitation of interaction between the Red Team and the application system builders are their primary responsibilities. During penetration tests, the orange team informs the yellow team of the results of the red team.

Every organization should also provide cyber security training. Training and protecting members of the organization from cyber attacks is the responsibility of the orange team.

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