How to Trade Cryptocurrency and make Profit 2022 (8 ways)

Cryptocurrency is a field where everyone wants to make money, but not everyone succeeds. Due to the rise of crypto scams, many people either give up or fall victim to them. Other than the obvious way of trading cryptocurrencies, there are quite a few ways to earn legitimate money with them. In order to learn more about how to earn money with cryptocurrency, we investigated some of the proven methods that have proven successful; we found a number of these, and we’re confident that you’ll find them to be very impressive.

Hold on to your investments

Cryptocurrencies can be used to earn money in this way. A majority of investors wait for their coin’s value to rise before investing in it. These coins include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others. A profit is made when the market price of their products rises.

The objective of this investing strategy is to identify assets that are stable and volatile and can shift in value rapidly so that regular profits can be made. Investing in assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is considered safe in this regard because of their regular price fluctuations. All you need to do is analyze each asset you invest in before committing to HODLing it before trading it if you feel it’s going to rise in value.

Profits can also be made without buying the most expensive assets. The price of thousands of small altcoins has been shifting for some time; consider having a mix of all cryptocurrencies with a promising future value.

Dividends from cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are a good investment for dividends. You can make money just by buying and holding some digital assets. There are several coins that do this. It’s great that these coins pay dividends to holders without even requiring you to stake them.

There are several coins that pay dividends, including COSS, CEFF, NEO, and KUCOIN.

It’s important to analyze and pick out what seems to align with your investment goals just like conventional stocks aren’t all of these coins are appropriate for your portfolio.

The concept of staking and interest

In cryptocurrency markets, there are two notable concepts that allow you to earn passive income from idle digital tokens. To help validate transactions on proof-of-stake blockchain networks, crypto staking locks your tokens for a period of time.

Among the top staking, networks are Cardano, Tron, and Ethereum, which will launch soon. As long as you lock away your tokens, you will receive a rate of interest. Nevertheless, you won’t have to meet a minimum lock-up period if you stake on eToro. In place of that, you have the option of withdrawing your tokens whenever you like.

Interest accounts are another way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency. The operation of crypto interest accounts is similar to that of traditional banks at their most basic level. A rate of interest will be paid on your cryptocurrency tokens if you deposit them.

In contrast to staking, you won’t deposit your crypto tokens into a smart contract. The provider you choose will lend your tokens to those who need funds. For as long as the borrower holds the tokens, you will earn interest.

Aru offers the best crypto savings account on the market at the moment. Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits earn you 7% per year, and stablecoins such as Tether earn you 12%. We do not have lock-up terms for any of the accounts we offer at Aru. Additionally, you can deposit and buy cryptocurrency via the Aqru app using fiat money.

Crypto games with play-to-earn features

It might surprise you to learn that playing games can make money on cryptocurrency. Crypto games play-to-earn marketplace is now worth billions of dollars, no doubt about it. Decentraland is perhaps one of the best crypto games to consider playing among the various variations and types.

In essence, Decentraland is a metaverse where players can create virtual avatars, chat with other players, and most importantly, buy plots of land. A unique NFT is created once you have purchased a plot of land and built your own real estate project.

  Once the NFT is sold on the open market, it can be used to purchase real estate. Million-dollar plots of land have been sold in the Decentraland metaverse, despite this concept sounding farfetched. If you invest early, you have a chance to get the best price on an NFT.

A trading strategy

A buy-and-hold investing strategy is used for long-term investments, but short-term trading is used for trading. Cryptocurrency markets are unpredictable. Asset prices can rise or fall dramatically over short periods of time.

In order to be a successful trader, you need to possess the best technical and analytical skills. Analysis of the market chart of the listed assets is necessary. As a result, you can predict the price rises and falls accurately. In crypto trading, you can buy or sell based on whether you expect the asset’s price to rise or fall. In other words, you can make a profit no matter what happens to the price.

Providing airdrops

Among all the ways to receive free cryptocurrency, airdrops pose the greatest risk. For most investors, it’s more worthwhile than they think. New cryptocurrencies are supported by airdrops when developers want to support them. To put it simply, they give the free coin in an attempt to get people to adopt it. As soon as the airdrop project begins, you can check the Internet. Users often promote them on the company’s website, social media, and other crypto news platforms.

When it comes to new crypto projects, it is crucial to be cautious. Initiation Coin Offerings (ICOs) and fake airdrops are common scams used by hackers. Many coins issued as air bubbles are not very valuable investment vehicles. It’s best to stick with the more well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, if you’re a beginner. Using airdrops is a great way to save money. It is also taxable to receive cryptocurrencies through airdrops. When receiving airdrops from digital wallets, you should report the fair market value of the date of registration on the distributed ledger (according to the IRS).


Among the oldest ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies is through mining, which is an important part of the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. In a PoW network, this is how transactions are validated and security is maintained. In exchange for performing these functions, miners receive block rewards. It was possible to mine Bitcoin on a desktop computer in the early days, but today, mining hardware is required.

When it comes to network maintenance, starting a master node is also profitable. A master node is a wallet that hosts a copy of the entire network. Investment and technical expertise are required for both of these methods.

Income from dividends

Crypto assets can also be used to earn dividends. You’re probably familiar with dividends if you invest in stocks or bonds. A dividend is a small cash payment made to shareholders. Profits made by a company (or sole proprietorship) are split and returned to the shareholders (ownership).

With a small balance, you may not see a tidal wave of dividends, but you can make money with your existing crypto. You should, however, do some research to see which cryptocurrencies pay dividends and whether they are worth investing in. The following cryptocurrency dividends are paid in more coins (or tokens): VeChain, NEO, Reddcoin, NAVCoin, and Decred. 

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