Maximizing Gmail: Learn the New Features and Benefits

Whether you’re like me or not, all email is filtered through your primary Gmail account. In fact, I have multiple Gmail accounts that filter into one primary account, and I even have Gmail check my POP3 accounts. Although I have been using Gmail since the days when you had to invite yourself, I am still not taking full advantage of the program. Here are 16 Gmail features that you (and I) should start using in order to take advantage of all that it offers.

A filtering system

After converting to Gmail, the very first thing I did was set up filters. The Gmail Filters feature allows you to organize your email in a variety of ways, including automatically deleting emails from your mother-in-law. I’m just kidding! When you have a few filters in place, you’ll soon discover how easy it is to sort through your email inbox with filters.

How to use keyboard shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts for MacOS, Windows, and other software programs in addition to Gmail. As soon as you memorize a few keyboard shortcuts that you use frequently, you’ll find that you’ll have a much easier time managing your email. For more information on the shortcuts and keyboard requirements, visit the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts page.

Filtering symbols are hidden in plain sight

If you have a Gmail address using a plus sign or dots, did you know you could modify it? It didn’t occur to me. This isn’t something I’m going to describe, but I’ll let you know one place where this might be extremely helpful – filtering unwanted solicitations. Instead of [email protected], enter [email protected] when filling out an online form. The site shared your email address with you when you receive unsolicited emails at the address with the dots.

30 seconds should be added to the recall time

The ‘Undo Send’ feature in Gmail gives you a few seconds to consider whether you want to undo a sent message. The default recall window is five seconds, but it can be increased to 30 seconds if desired. Choose 30 from the drop-down menu under Undo send in Settings, General.

Gmail Nudges: Have you heard of them?

The Gmail Nudge feature reminds you to reply to important emails or follow up on them.

Email scheduler

It is possible to compose an email and schedule it for a later time or date. After composing an email, click the down-arrow next to the send button to schedule it. You can schedule an email by clicking on the arrow and selecting ‘Schedule Send’. Alternatively, you can select a different date and time from the present options.

Improve your email writing skills

With Gmail’s Smart Compose feature, users can compose emails more quickly. Smart Compose settings are Google Account-level settings, so changes made to them will be applied to all devices where your Google Account is logged in. Choose ‘Smart Compose’ from the General section of Settings.

Tasks can be added with email

It is also possible to create a to-do list in Gmail, known as a Task. Gmail users can create tasks directly from their inbox. Any email can be added to tasks by right-clicking and selecting ‘Add to tasks.’

Password and expiration date for your emails

The Confidential Mode of Gmail adds an extra layer of security to emails, preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information. Additionally, you can set an expiration date for messages in Confidential Mode. It is possible to set a passcode for emails that have been sent in Confidential Mode.

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