Reddit Premium: What is it? How it Works (Reddit Coin, Gold)

It features over 100,000 active community forums, which it calls the “front page of the internet.” If you can’t tear yourself away from the site, consider upgrading to VIP status.

Subscribing to Reddit Premium, a subscription service that enhances your Reddit experience costs $5.99 per month. Reddit Premium is explained here, along with what’s included and how much it costs.

What Is Reddit Premium?

A Reddit Premium subscription supports Reddit and the thousands of communities it hosts. This program was formerly known as Reddit Gold. There is a monthly fee of $5.99 for Reddit Premium. Previously, you could buy Reddit Gold for a year, but that option has been removed.

Signing up for Reddit Premium provides you with three main benefits. A Reddit without ads is the first. Your Premium-enabled account will remove all Reddit ads as soon as you log in. It speeds up page loading and ensures you’re only shown content you want to see.

A second benefit is access to r/lounge, which is an exclusive subreddit for Premium members. There is no real focus or topic in r/lounge, and it is only designed to allow Premium users to chat with one another. As a sign up bonus, you’ll receive 1000 “Coins,” and you’ll earn 700 Coins per month after that. Like Reddit’s “Karma” feature. When you receive upvotes, you receive Reddit Coins, which are also coveted forms of virtual clout.

The Coins you have don’t help you, and no one can see how many you have. Alternatively, you can gift your Coins to users whose comments are particularly hilarious, informative, or clever. If you give a user enough coins, you can award them a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Award. Your selected post will then display a badge, noting that it was awarded.

A user receives a free week or month of Reddit Premium with the Silver award, but a free week or month with the Gold award. Reddit Premium accounts are not required to buy coins, but you will have to pay for them.

On the Premium landing page, enter your account details and payment information to sign up for Reddit Premium.

The Benefits of Reddit Premium

Can you tell me exactly what $5.99 a month buys? Do the extra features really justify the price? The following are the benefits of Reddit Premium membership.

The coins to spend

The first time you subscribe to Reddit Premium, you’ll receive 1,000 coins, and you’ll earn 700 coins every month after that. It is not possible to expire these coins. If you appreciate links or comments from other Redditors, you can thank them with Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Qualitative Features

In a conversation, you can see your new comments highlighted when you return, which some Redditors find helpful. On the page, there are also more comments.

Avatar Gear Exclusives

Aside from having fun with expressing yourself through extra exclusive add-ons, you can also enhance your Reddit avatar with gear and accessories. The avatar gear and accessories add little functionality, but they are an attractive, cosmetic addition that helps justify the price.

App Icon Customized

There are probably a lot of apps on your phone, so it can often be difficult to find them if they are all the same color. It is possible to customize the app icon in Reddit Premium. By doing this, you can make your Reddit app feel more customized and find it easier among your other apps.

Subreddit access for members only

Redditors describe the r/lounge subreddit as “a silly hangout spot for users with gold” rather than an elite club with champagne and foot massages. In the same way as everywhere else on Reddit, people post jokes and discuss random topics.

Browsing without ads

There are ad blockers and some third-party Reddit apps and extensions you probably don’t use that will do that for you. Like many websites, Reddit relies on advertising revenue, so blocking the ads means losing their revenue. If you subscribe to Premium, you can support the Reddit team and compensate them for their work without being bothered by ads.

Adding a Premium Badge to Your Profile

The lounge subreddit access and badge on your profile make you feel special if that’s not enough. Other than showing other Reddit users that you’re a paying member, this serves no purpose.

How does Reddit Coin work?

To show your appreciation for other Redditors’ contributions, you can buy rewards with Reddit Coin. You should award a great post whenever you see one, simply as that. A newcomer can also use awards as a method of attracting people in a specific community. Everyone loves a new friendly member! You will have a great start marketing on the Internet with the decent amount of Coins you receive each month from Reddit Premium.

What is the value of Reddit Premium?

Opinions on this matter differ, as you might expect. Premium membership is considered overpriced by many earlier Gold members, and many will not renew. Nevertheless, some members think it’s not that expensive and say they enjoy supporting a platform they like.

An ad-blocker can easily emulate the ad-free experience of r/lounge, what both sides agree is that it’s pretty much pointless. Coins appear to be the only worthwhile feature, but you don’t have to be a Premium member to purchase them.

Simply put, Reddit Premium is worth the money when it comes to supporting the platform you love. Your yearly total (if you pay monthly) is $72, which is simply not worth it. Those who are determined to pay for Reddit Premium are better off paying the annual price ($49.99) for the 30% discount.

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