Sarah Palin advances to the November election for the Alaska House

As Alaska’s at-large congressional seat is up for grabs in November’s ranked-choice general election, former governor Sarah Palin has clinched one of four spots. The Republican Nick Begich will also be on the ballot in the fall. His grandfather held the seat as a former Democratic representative. Former state legislator Mary Sattler Peltola and Republican Tara Sweeney are running. He was previously the Interior Department’s assistant secretary for Native American affairs.

One of former President Donald Trump’s grudge matches erupted in the Senate all-party primary between Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Kelly Tshibaka. Democrat Patricia Chesbro will also advance. We couldn’t call the fourth finisher in that contest either.

Palin, with former President Donald Trump’s endorsement, is also running in a special election Tuesday to fill Rep. Don Young’s term. Ranking-choice voting is being used for the first time in the state. This month’s results aren’t expected to be fully tabulated yet. For nearly 50 years, Young held the state’s sole House seat, serving as the longest-serving Republican.

McCain’s running mate Palin, 58, shot to prominence in 2008 as a loose-lipped loose cannon, branding herself a “mama grizzly.” The attacks on the media, her racist rants, and her embrace of demagoguery in many ways contributed to the election of Trump.

The ethics scandals that followed her failed 2008 campaign caused Palin to step down as Alaska’s governor. In her home state, she mostly skipped traditional campaign events and candidate debates, joining Trump at rallies and fundraising events.

During a non-partisan primary in Alaska, Sen. Lisa Murkowski faced 18 challengers – including Trump-backed Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. She advanced to November’s general election by garnering the most votes.

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