Vivo V25 Pro Price, Specifications in India, New Camera Champion

The Vivo V25 Pro was launched today. This is the latest addition to their mid-range lineup. A 3D curved display, color-changing design, and slim form factor remain standouts from the V23 Pro. It now has a 64MP primary camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) and super night portrait capabilities. The battery is also bigger and there is a new chipset. Is the user experience improved by these changes? Do the camera’s claims match its performance? That’s what I tell you in my detailed review.

Vivo V25 Pro Price & Availability.

There are two variants of the Vivo V25 Pro. Priced at *35,999, the base model has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Among the Ariana models, the 256GB model comes with 12GB of RAM and is priced at £39,000. Vivo V25 Pro can be purchased through Flipkart, Vivo’s direct-to-consumer website, and offline stores.

Vivo V25 Pro Specifications 

Today marks the launch of the Vivo V25 Pro in India. In order to unveil the new smartphone, the company has scheduled an online event for 12pm. A standard Vivo V25 is expected to be announced at Vivo’s event today. There will be a series of smartphones known as Vivo V25. There will be a Flipkart exclusive offer for Vivo’s new phones. In a microsite created by the retailer, some of the upcoming phones’ features and specifications are revealed.

In today’s market, the Vivo V25 Pro is being touted as one of the most premium-looking mid-range smartphones. Based on my experience with it over the past four days, I can say it’s true. Despite my initial underwhelming impression of the V25 Pro after unboxing, I was pleasantly surprised by the device after taking a closer look. Its curved glass sandwich design, combined with metal edges and a flat bottom, makes it very comfortable to hold. At 6.5-inches, this phone is not small by any means, but Vivo has managed to keep its weight at 190 grams.

Additionally, the V25 Pro scores well in terms of aesthetics. I have the sailing blue variant, which is a darker shade of sky blue with a small Vivo logo on the bottom left corner. There is a subtle color to the design, and the minimalistic approach looks good. It is here that I would like to mention Vivo’s color-changing AG glass on the back. The pitch is simple: different lighting conditions reflect different colors from the glass. In direct sunlight, the color has only changed once to a thick dark blue shade, which I do not like. There are, however, no hard and fast rules here.

Furthermore, I noticed that the color does not always change uniformly across the back, but rather in patches. In spite of the fact that this is one of the major USPs of the device, according to Vivo, I strongly recommend the default colorway. You can also get the V25 Pro in Pure Black, which looks even better.

As well as being textured on the back, the AG glass on the front provides a better grip. If you are not clumsy, then you can use the V25 Pro without a cover if you are not clumsy.

A rather neat treatment has been applied to the camera module on the back as well. In addition to being slimmer than what we are used to, it has a minimal amount of wobble as well.

In spite of the smartphone’s great design and aesthetics, it does not come with certain certifications that we look for in modern devices. You definitely need to be careful around water since there is no official IP rating here. There is also no protection on the back of the device, which is another concern for me. Despite the AG glass’s strength so far, major drops can prove fatal. Its front is protected by Schott X ensation glass, an alternative to Gorilla Glass. A consumer might not even notice an IP rating or why we need it. In the same way that airbags are now standard in cars at a certain price point, I think some basic parameters should also be present in smartphones. In the segment, there are some exceptions, such as Nothing Phone(1), which has an IP53 water resistance rating.

Following that, there are a few more basic features. It has a USB Type-C charging port on the bottom. In this slot, two nano SIM cards can be inserted. A speaker grill can also be found at the bottom of the device. There are two volume rockers and a power button on the right.

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