What Is Shared Hosting? (Dedicated hosting) Difference!

Exactly what is shared web hosting?

Most websites, particularly those at the entry-level, choose shared hosting over other hosting options. You share server space with many other customers, as well as RAM and CPU. Aside from resulting in reduced hosting fees, this setup requires little technical expertise on the part of users.

There are, however, some downsides to shared hosting – you may not have root access, and your website may not handle high traffic efficiently depending on your hosting plan. Your website’s performance may also be affected by server crowding. An entry-level shared hosting plan may be the right choice if you’re just starting a blog with minimal traffic or just launching a new site.

How do hosting services work?

Hosting services provide you with space on their servers to store your website. Your website will be parked in a virtual garage. Hosting services are most commonly shared. Shared hosting involves sharing the physical hardware with other websites on the same server. With Web hosting, you’re not limited only to hard drive space. With your Web hosting account, you have access to. It is the hosting provider’s responsibility to ensure that all websites are hosted on the same server. Therefore, if one website is using a large amount of hard drive space and another isn’t, you could run into problems. You may also experience problems if someone on the shared server is experiencing an issue while you’re using it.

Shared hosting: what should you look for?

Let’s find out how to pick a good hosting services provider now that we’ve covered what is shared hosting. It greatly affects your website’s performance, traffic, and security. Here are some parameters to consider: Databases, files, and media are stored on disk space. Your website’s size really matters.

Basically, bandwidth refers to how much data your visitors can upload to/download from your website. Providers offering unlimited bandwidth may charge you extra if you exceed this limit, and if you lack the necessary hardware, data transfer speeds may lag. Availability – Visitors need to be able to access your website at all times. It is ideal to aim for at least 99.9% uptime, but most service providers guarantee 99%. Uptime monitoring can be used to check it.

In fact, customer service may be at the top of the list, especially if you are new to hosting and have no technical knowledge. There is usually a 24/7 support service offered by most hosts today Data security – Your data needs to be kept secure. It is common for cheap hosting plans to skimp on security features.

An easy-to-use dashboard is convenient if you can execute most tasks via the control panel. Apps that come pre-installed and eCommerce capabilities are also attractive features. Make sure the dashboard offers the apps that are relevant to your website by checking out the dashboard Programming language (PHP) and database – The server must support many types of databases (MySQL). By doing so, you will be able to upgrade to newer technology or change languages at a later time.

As an add-on service, some hosting companies also offer domain names. Having the website running from one place is convenient if you want to set it up and manage it.

Differences between shared and dedicated web hosting

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting work well in different situations. The physical hardware on your server will be shared with other websites that are housed on the same server in shared hosting. Therefore, if one website uses a lot of hard drive space while another doesn’t, you might run into problems. A shared server could also have issues while you’re using it if someone else is having a problem. A dedicated server is one that you own and you can use to host your website. On the server, you are solely responsible for what happens. As long as the host allows it, you can install any software you want.

What I think about shared hosting in conclusion

With a clear understanding of what shared hosting is, it’s easy to see that it’s almost always the best option for beginners. You can customize your plan even with the most basic plan by choosing from a variety of flexible options.

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